August 25, 2016

Obama: Bust Up The EpiPen Monopoly

More than 100,000 of us demanded Mylan drop the price of EpiPen. And on Thursday morning Mylan responded to consumer outrage with a claim that they’re makking EpiPen affordable for people who can’t afford it. But under the surface, the company didn’t actually change the price at all. The price cuts only apply to some… Read more »


August 11, 2016

Facebook: Pay Your Taxes

Stand with Americans for Tax Fairness and the Other 98% and demand that Facebook comply with the seven previously ignored IRS requests and immediately pay what it owes in U.S. taxes.


August 4, 2016

Other98 is bigger than Trump on Facebook, LOL

Yeah, our 2.7 million fans are impressive. But when it comes to the most important metric of all, we’re un-f***ing-paralleled. Unless you’re a huge Facebook nerd, you probably don’t know about an awesome little metric called “People Talking About This.” Everyone is familiar with “likes,” the number of people who have clicked “like” on your… Read more »

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